Diets For Gout – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Oatmeal or porridge oats are an excellent food for diets for a gout diet plan! But first a definition is needed. We are talking about whole grain oats.

In North America processed oats are called oatmeal or oat bran; in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and sometimes in Canada, they are popularly called porridge, or porridge oats. In Britain, they are often called Scots porridge oats, because of their long-time popularity in Scotland. In Ireland – Irish porridge oats or just porridge oats.

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Why Rock Melons Are Good To Eat? – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Melons come in many varieties and in different sizes. Fresh slices, fruit salad, juicing, savoury combinations with lean ham, prawns, smoked chicken, roast duck or prosciutto.

Rock melon (Canteloupe): has netted beige coloured skin and peach coloured flesh with a musky aroma and flavour.

All melons should be heavy and firm for their size. Avoid damaged or soft melons. Rock melon (Canteloupe) has a porous skin allowing the exotic smell to come through when ripe. Ripe rock melon (Canteloupe) and honeydews will yield to gentle pressure at the flower end.

Learn more about the benefits of rock melon in page two of this article.

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The Truth About Belly Fat Part 1 of 2 – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Even if you have a rock-hard pack of abs, you still have belly fat. And how much flab you have around your middle has a big impact on your health. 

Learn more about the risks posed by your belly fat as described by Sonya Collins in page 2 of this article. 

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The Dangers of Belly Fat – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Looking down and seeing your belly fat is obviously less than desirable in the looks category. But, increased visceral fat around your abdomen can also be dangerous to your health. It can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

Please read the rest of the article and learn why belly fat is a serious health risk factor.

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13 Fat Releasing Foods to Lose Weight Fast Part 1 of 2 – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Liz Vaccariello, author of The Digest Diet, explains how you can lose weight fast by eating foods you already shop for, as certain foods, actions, and activities can gently shift your body into fat release mode.

Please navigate to next page and learn the fat releasing foods to lose weight as shared by Liz.

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Dietary Intake To Combat Obesity – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Obesity and losing weight is a matter of grave concern for people who are overweight and have no time to indulge in physical activities or work out at the gym.

However, this can be compensated if one follows a strict nutritious diet.

Read on and learn more great tips to assist you to lower your risk of overweight and obesity related illnesses.

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How To Stay Away From Trans Fat – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

The good news is that there are ways to keep your holiday cooking free from saturated fats and trans fat.

Please flip over to page 2 and read the 3 tips from Dr Chandall.

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Beware of This One Hidden Fat – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of saturated fat, which is usually animal fat and solidifies at room temperature. Examples include butter, lard, meat fat, solid
shortening, and palm oil.

Read the rest of the article and learn about the hidden fats in our foods and how they impacted our health, as explained by Dr. Chauncey Crandall. 

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UMSS 90 Days Challenge: My Testimonial – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

Why I did The 90 days Challenge with Membership Site Central (MSC)?

Because the program was structured to ensure I will get the intended results – to build and run my own Challenge.


  1. I was guided to build and run my own Challenge in my niche step by step;
  2. I was guided to create, review and execute my own marketing plan;
  3. I was guided on how to promote my upcoming Challenge at social media through effective engagement  – teasers, announcement and the launching itself on the launch date;
  4. I was guided to create press releases using the template provided about my upcoming Challenge and published them through reputable press release agents on the net;
  5. Since the 90 Days Challenge was made public, it serves as a positive motivator, as I am more resolute to do better than my fellow competitors – to accumulate as many points possible by completing all the daily tasks and seeking supports on my participating in the 90 Days Challenge at social media and other channels.
  6. We were encouraged to work as a team to help, assist, encourage and motivate each other both in groups and with accountability partner to ensure everybody win at the end of the 90 Days Challenge – reach our goal to build and run our own Challenge and running a functioning membership site;
  7. The 90 Days Challenge has help in my personal and professional growths. I have learned to be more focus, i.e.; doing what is important first, managed distractions better, have more self-discipline, i.e.; doing things that I know I should do (that matters), rather than what I want to do – in other word trust the system, open to new ideas like doing videos and Google + hangouts;
  8. Over the 90 days Challenge it has help me to develop new beneficial habits like managing my time more effectively such as to reduce time watching tv and do thing that matters – i.e.; that will help to build and growth my business.

The 90 Days Challenge was built to ensure it participants win and reach the intended goal:

  1. To build and run their own Challenge in their chosen niche;
  2. To run and maintain a functional membership website that will get them continuous passive income.

In closing, I would strongly recommend you to join the 90 Days Challenge with MSC, and trust the system, i.e.; the program curriculum, the panel of experience and skillful coaches that not only give guidance and motivation, and at the same time wholeheartedly want you to succeed.

To learn about The 90 Days Challenge please click on my picture below. You will be sent to the the leaderboard page. In this page click the “Take The Tour button and learn more about the Challenge and to register as a participant. 



This is Shah from


UMSS 90 Days Challenge: My Testimonial – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

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The 7 Days Quick Start Weight Loss Challenge is Officially Launched – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia

The 7 Days Quick Start Weight Loss Challenge is Officially Launched.



If you have not been staying tuned lately this is your chance to take up the 7 Days Challenge.


This Program is structured whereby like minded people convene to reach a common goal. The Weight Loss Goal.


It is a very simple program and anyone with a reason big enough can whiz through the Challenge quite easily.


The Challenge gets it support system within the Challenge community itself and the challengers are expected to interact, help and motivate one another to succeed.



Register now at a ridiculously low price of only $4.99 for the Quick Start at

And get


Instant Access to the Growing ‘Vault’ of News, Information, Audios,
Videos, Resources, and the Support of Our Community, Guaranteed!


What can you buy for $4.99 these days? Not much! A small Starbucks and a slice of cake, perhaps? Remember, the resources inside can save you thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, not to mention helping you to avoid the frustration and pain of all the common mistakes that others make. What’s that worth to you?


And as a bonus the Challenger community will get access to my membership site FREE for the first 21 days and subsequently at a monthly recurring price of $27/= only.


If NASA can reach beyond the Moon and someday reach Mars, there is definitely a good reason why you too can reach your weight loss goal!



 Register now as a Challenger gives you immediate 24/7 access to all the resources in the member’s only area.


To Register click here or go to and click the “Get Started” link.



The 7 Days Quick Start Weight Loss Challenge is Officially Launch Now  – Lose Weight Fast Malaysia
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